06th March 2018

Mistakes of the past: Things we don’t miss about old-school kitchens

When we look to the past, it’s not unusual to feel a sense of nostalgia and longing to experience those times again. With innovations in technology providing new opportunities for us in and around the home, it seems like the rate of change is gathering pace all the time. These changes inform home trends and we see design styles constantly shifting and changing as a result.

When we look to interior design, we can see countless ultra-modern influences in our kitchens, but there’s still plenty of traditional and classic inspiration. Delving into the past for ideas is a fantastic way of adding character to your kitchen as there are plenty of bold statements and subtle touches to be cherry-picked from eras such as the 1970s.

Whilst some of these styles can be adapted to our modern-day needs, others are best left to the history books.

Serving hatches

There once was a time when kitchens up and down the UK had serving hatches leading through to the dining rooms. Thankfully these are now a rare sight, as their redundancy became apparent. A largely unnecessary addition to the kitchen, serving hatches could often be unsightly, impractical and interrupt the flow of a kitchen’s design. Tiled feature walls or shelving now provide much more aesthetically pleasing and practical use of kitchen wall space.

1970s-style pine kitchens

Clunky and old-fashioned rather than timeless, pine kitchens from the 1970s were often oppressive and dark, whilst the wood often discoloured over time into an orange yellow hue – not quite the desired effect! Most importantly, updated contemporary kitchen cabinets or traditional shaker-style kitchens have a timeless edge, which the relics from the ‘70s can’t boast.

Garish wallpaper

Wallpaper with garish colours and wild patterns will always be a difficult element to introduce to the kitchen, yet there was a time when kitchen wallpaper was a hot trend. Busy walls in a kitchen can easily detract from your desired interior style, whilst also add a cluttered feeling to your space. The introduction of subtle statement patterns and colours is a much more effective way of injecting some individual character and visual impact.

Skirted cabinets

When it comes to impracticality in the kitchen, skirted kitchen cabinets have to be one of the worst offenders. Adding to a cluttered and messy ambience, whilst also being prone to splashes and stains in the kitchen, the idea of skirted cabinets is a problematic one. A feature of old farmhouse and cottage-style homes, searching for traditional country-style kitchen fittings is a much more practical way of introducing these styles to your home.

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