Why use Maxtop Quartz instead of traditional template and fit?

It is quicker because it is installed on site with the rest of the kitchen. However if you want lots of curves and shapes then the factory cut quartz will be more appropriate.

My kitchen fitter has only installed laminate worktops.
Can he fit Maxtop Quartz?

Kitchen fitters should use their normal cutting tools, using the blades that are diamond tipped found in the Maxtop Installation Kit. Apart from that it is the same process as laminate.

With laminate worktops, jointing requires special bolts. Is the method the same for Maxtop Quartz?

Maxtop Quartz is very simply jointed by applying Maxtop Quartz adhesive to both hidden side edges and pulling the pieces together.

Maxtop upstands aren’t made of quartz. Why not?

Maxtop upstands are made from acrylic to avoid damage during handling from stock to site to installation. It is also more flexible which may help on uneven walls. The acrylic has a design which is consistent in colour and density providing a co-ordinated accessory.

What happens to the bevelled (angled) edge when the tops are joined?

Usually, the V groove created when two tops are joined, is visible as a feature of the quartz. The V groove should never be filled. However if personal choice is to not have the V, then both tops should be cut to a 90 degree profile which are joined beneath the visible surface with Maxtop Quartz adhesive. The excess adhesive that will push up when the two pieces are pulled together should be removed immediately to avoid leaving a hard residue on the surface.

Is there any training on installing Maxtop Quartz?

Yes. You can find comprehensive information on installation here, including film guidance and a written technical format. Installers can also attend free practical seminars.

How do I get in touch with Maxtop Quartz?

Telephone, email, are both available routes of communication.

Does Maxtop Quartz stain, and if so can stains be removed?

Maxtop Quartz does not stain. It is a non-porous material which prevents staining. However sometimes residue left on the surface appears to be a stain. To remove, simply use bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little hot water and clean off with an abrasive sponge.

Can Maxtop Quartz be polished?

No. Quartz is a naturally non porous material. Attempts to polish it will cause damage to its appearance. If it appears dull, it is probable that residue on the surface needs to be removed with bicarbonate of soda and cleaned with warm soapy water.

Do the darker colours of quartz fade?

Maxtop Quartz doesn’t fade in any colour.

Can Maxtop Quartz be fitted next to an AGA or other types of Range Cookers?


Is Maxtop Quartz suitable to be used as a bathroom worktop?

It is ideal for bathrooms as it is totally waterproof and light weight to handle upstairs and can be easily worked with in a smaller room.

What is the maximum unsupported length?

Overhangs up to 300mm are acceptable.

My Maxtop Quartz worktop looks like it has scratched, I thought it was scratch resistant, what can I do?

Quartz dust may scratch quartz if dragged across it. It cannot be repaired but can be filled with a clear sealant and gently sanded to the same surface level.

Do I still need to use trivets/pan stands on Maxtop Quartz?

It is sensible to always protect the surface of Maxtop Quartz from excessive heat.